Former World Champion, Jeff Hopkins signs on with ATRA

Former World Champion, Jeff Hopkins has taken a position with the American Track
Racing Association. Inc (ATRA) to help propel the re-growth of track cycling in the US. ATRA
is the governing body for the majority of track racing held in the US with 14 member
velodromes across the US holding their races under ATRA sanctioning.
“This is a great opportunity for me to be an active participant in continuing and
expanding the work of ATRA, and having a hand in growing track cycling from a grass roots
perspective.” Hopkins said. The now retired former World Junior Champion (in the kilo) and 10
year road professional is also the Operations Manager at the Dick Lane Velodrome (DLV) in
Atlanta, GA and brings a wealth of track racing experience to the position.
“My role will involve mostly PR work to create more awareness of ATRA, as well as the
implimentation of a national series to be run at all of our member velodromes across the US.” he
said. ”With some tracks having great programs already and some tracks beginning to develop a
solid foundation, we have a great chance to create a collective effort moving forward to ensure
that track cycling can continue to be a major part of the cycling community in the United States.”
ATRA President, Peter Antonvich is excited by the news, “We brought Jeff onto our staff
here at the DLV in Atlanta and he’s done a great job expanding on the growth that we already
had going, and we expect a similar result from bringing him into the fold of ATRA” he said.
“Jeff having a different perspective on things than how we’ve previously done them is a major
advantage of having him involved.”
The American Track Racing Association is formed by United States velodromes to
advance the sport of track cycling, the capital improvements of our facilities and for the
promotion of track riding and racing. ATRA's member tracks are working together to develop a
base from which to build a strong track racing community in North America. ATRA will also
provide information, economical insurance rates, public realtions and marketing services to
member tracks. ATRA's board is actively seeking 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
More information on ATRA and it’s activities can be found on it’s website,,
or by contacting Jeff Hopkins,