ATRA NCS Results are Updated and Posted

With not quite half of the NCS races for the 2010 season completed, the race for the mens overall championship is tight between Emile Abraham and Jame Carney, with just one point separating those riders. On the women's side, Cari Higgins has a clear and commanding lead over her rivals with a 47 point lead over second place rider Kacey Manderfield. We're still waiting on results from the recent Keirin Cup held at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, so we'll get those uploaded as soon as they become available. Click here to see the current NCS Standings.

Men Overall
1. Emile Abraham
2. James Carney
3. Dan Harm

Women Overall
1. Cari Higgins
2. Kacey Manderfield
3. Monique Sullivan


Alpenrose Challenge Results

Results from the this past weekends Alpenrose Challenge are posted on OBRA's website here:



Alpenrose Six-Day Results

Place Last Name First Name Nickname Team Points Laps
Overall A
1 Kovalcik Zak Brihop Brihop 170 4
1 Harm Dan Brihop Broadmark Capital
2 Kneuven Taylor To Beat 104 0
2 Beardsley Stephen To Beat Gentle Lovers
3 Emoff Brent Motodome Brihop 6 0
3 Adamson James Motodome Gentle Lovers
4 Mensher Daniel All Lovers Gentle Lovers 60 -1
4 Nicoletti Sam All Lovers Gentle Lovers
Overall B
1 Bergquist Curtis Meg's Maniacs Meg's Maniacs 105 2
1 Jacks Patrick Meg's Maniacs Meg's Maniacs
2 Godfrey David Team God Rubicon-ORBEA 63 0
2 Godfrey Mark Team God Bike Cenral
3 Drach Peter In Need of Medication 1 0
3 Standish Jeff In Need of Medication Therapeutic Associates
4 Nachtrab Eric Portland Bicycle Studio Portland Bicycle Studio 12 -1
4 Ryan Kelly Portland Bicycle Studio Portland Bicycle Studio
5 Alsup William Randonesia Brihop 10 -28
5 Abers Brian Randonesia Bike Cenral
1 Hook Camille Hulk Brihop 83 0
1 VanValkenburg Heather Hulk Rubicon-ORBEA
2 Larson Elena Brihop Ladies Brihop 54 0
2 Charbonneau Emily Brihop Ladies Brihop
3 Bjesse-Puffin Amelia The Wives Brihop 8 -3
3 Godfrey Norreen The Wives Rubicon-ORBEA
4 Shepard Amy Domestic Partners Brihop 82 -18
4 Mautner Meg Domestic Partners Bike Cenral

Results courtesy of Alpenrose Velodrome: