Get Your 2011 ATRA Season Guide

For the 2011 racing season, ATRA has produced a Season Guide that has information about all of our member velodromes, 2011 race calendar, NCS information and some other useful information for racers. We have sent these guides out to each of our member velodromes, but if you weren't able to get a copy through those channels, you can send us your details and we'll drop one in the mail to you. Head over to the About page:, enter your details and we'll get one in the mail to you.


Meet Some of Northbrook's Racers

The Northbrook Cycle Committee has complied a list of some of their favorite racers. Head over to their site to read all about the stars of the Ed Rudolph Velodrome:


Major Taylor Velodrome to be Managed by Marian University

Mayor Announces Partnership with Marian University for Management of Lake Sullivan Sports Complex

Agreement Provides for Investment of $2 Million in Capital Improvements at the Complex, Home of the Major Taylor Velodrome

INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Greg Ballard today announced a proposed partnership with Marian University for the management, operation and maintenance of the Lake Sullivan Sports Complex, a city-owned park and home to the Major Taylor Velodrome, located at 3649 Cold Springs Road.

“It is no secret that the entire Lake Sullivan Sports Complex is in desperate need of repair. One need only look at the crumbling infrastructure to see that inattention over the past decade and a lack of resources to provide adequate programming and make capital improvements has kept this park from being used to its fullest potential,” said Mayor Ballard. “Marian University has a long-standing tradition of excellence in cycling, and as the primary user for this complex already, they have a vested interest in seeing this project succeed.”

Under the proposed agreement, Marian University will invest more than $2 million in capital improvements within the next ten years and then enter into a revenue share with the city for the remainder of the 15-year contract. Under the profit share model, the City will receive 10 percent of all gross revenue above $250,000. Additionally, Marian will assume all operational cost for the property, which totals totals $70,000 in the Indy Parks budget on an annual basis and includes costs for employees, mowing, trash pickup and all utilities.

Significant upgrades to the tracks and trails will include the velodrome track, BMX track, a road course, cyclocross and a 4K walking and jogging trail on the complex. Additionally, Marian will assume all responsibility for maintenance and utility costs for the facility and make other upgrades.

“The Lake Sullivan Sports Complex is an amazing venue that is underutilized, and we see many opportunities to promote health and fitness to residents of all ages as well as create a nationally recognized competitive cycling facility that can host road, cyclocross, BMX, and track cycling events,” said Dean Peterson, Marian University Cycling head coach. “With the addition of our cycling training center, it will become a one-of-a-kind facility in the U.S.”

The proposal, sponsored by City-County Councillor Angel Rivera and co-sponsored by Councillor Monroe Gray, will be presented before the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation Board today at 3:45 p.m. at the City-County Building, Room 206. If approved, the measure will then go before the full City-County Council for a first reading at the April 11 Council meeting. The proposal will be reviewed by the Council’s Department of Parks and Recreation Committee on April 14.

2011 Dick lane Velodrome Pro Race Series Schedule

Back for 2011 is Dick Lane Velodrome's Pro Race Series(PRS). These events will continue the PRS tradition, bringing to the fore-front the best of the best riders that the US has to offer. They'll be pushing the envelope of speed and danger in both hard charging sprint events and grueling endurance races. Experience the thrill of the two-man Madison, comparable to tag-team on bike, where teammates exchange postions into the action at 40 mph using the dangerous Madison hand sling. Catch the fast-paced Keirin, an Olympic event where riders are paced up to maximum speed with a motorcycle until the final lap and a half when they tear up the track to the finish. The Omnium will also be a featured event. Riders will compete throughout the evening in a series of different events to be claimed DLV's best all rounder.

2011 Pro Race Series Schedule

Friday May 13th - Zipp Need for Speed Sprints - 7pm
Saturday May 14th - WayPoint Systems presents 'The Keirin'

Friday July 8th - Zipp Need for Speed Sprints - 7pm
Saturday July 9th - Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium'

Friday September 9th - Zipp Need for Speed Sprints - 7pm
Saturday September 10th - presents 'The Madison'


2011 Ed Rudolph Schedule

Opening Night is May 12th, just a few weeks away. Other items to note are two attempts at a new 10 Mile Record, on 5/19 and 6/30 and three chances to test yourself against the clock at the Sprinter's Dream Omniums on 6/4, 7/31, and 8/20.

Special races in the 2011 season include the annual Amy Tremelling Memorial Race on 6/23, the annual Roger DeLanghe Trophy Race sponsored by 2CC on 8/4, and the annual Elaine Nekritz Trophy Race sponsored by Alberto's on 8/25.

We are also proud to introduce the Northbrook Bicycle Club Juniors Points Race Invitational on 7/21.

Mass start State Championship races will be on Thursday nights beginning 8/11 and running through 9/1.  Timed events, including pursuits, sprints and team events, will be on Saturday 8/13.  The State Championship for Juniors will be on 6/19 and the State Championship for Masters will be on 7/16 .

Please note that USAC is no longer requiring that racers qualify for Elite Nationals, however the same category restrictions will continue to be in place.  More information can be found at

It is going to be a great season. Make sure that you are a part of it.

As always, registration from 5:30-6:30, racing starts at 6:45 sharp.