Photo Contest for 2012 ATRA Season Guide Cover

The American Track Racing Association will be hosting a photo contest for the cover of it's 2012 Season Guide. The Season Guide is distributed to ATRA member velodromes and riders around the country to provide information about other velodromes and the National Championship Series(NCS).
Submissions for the contest can be sent to Jeff Hopkins, Entries must be submitted by January 20th. Of all the entries submitted the top 3 will be chosen by the ATRA Board of Directors for the final vote. Those three photo's will be loaded onto the ATRA Facebook page for an open vote to decide the winner and the photo to be featured on the cover of the Season Guide. The winner will also receive photo credit on the front cover of the guide, as well as online recognition for their winning photo.


Chicago Velo Campus Announced ATRA Velodrome of the Year

At the 2011 ATRA Annual Meeting a vote was held to announce the first ever velodrome of the year. The vote was unanimous for the brand new Chicago Velo Campus to be named ATRA's first velodrome of the year. The voting was largely influenced by the miraculous efforts of the mostly volunteer crew who helped erect this 166m velodrome in just 36 days. So congratulations to Emanuele and the team over at Chicago Velo Campus and the American Track Racing Association wishes you and all other velodromes a great 2012 season.

More info on the Chicago Velo Campus: